30 8 / 2014

Yeah this blows.

I can’t get comfy in the bed…think it’s too soft and squishy…so I’m on the couch. I finally started to sweat and I feel a little better than earlier. Gnite. Zzz.

29 8 / 2014

I have the flu.

Yes, I managed to get the flu in August.

The nose swab thing is most unpleasant and the nurse made my right nostril bleed.

I can’t nurse Kara because of the meds, but I have to pump/dump to keep the supply up.

This blows.

I hope my baby will be ok.

29 8 / 2014

Yes! I got an appointment with my GP at 12:15. My grandma has to go get her stitches in her hand removed at 9, then she’s going to check on my mom, then head this way. I think she thinks she’s taking me, but she is sorely mistaken. I’m driving myself. She’s just going to stay here with Kara.

So yeah, my mom is still at the hospital. They aren’t happy with the swelling…going to run more tests, bringing in a gastroenterologist or whatever.

I feel like sleeping for a thousand years. Ugh.

29 8 / 2014

Well ok I’m officially sick. Thought I was getting better yesterday…but I woke up this morning barely able to talk, my throat feels so raw. I’m getting feverish, my back hurts. Going to call my grandma at 8 or 9 to come keep Kara while I go get checked out. Ugh.

28 8 / 2014

Sipping on Fireball whiskey, trying to numb the pain in my throat so I can maybe sleep a little bit better.


27 8 / 2014





It’s one of the most misogynist things out there.

dictating how a woman chooses to express herself sexually is misogynistic

it’s also misogynistic to assume that all women undertake a sub position 

it’s also heterosexist to assume that all bdsm is heterosexual


this is the greatest burn I’ve seen on tumblr for a long while.

(via cheshirepikey)

27 8 / 2014

I think it’s safe to resume watching The Waking Dead now. We just finished Season 3 of True Blood on Vudu. Wish Netflix had it so we didn’t have to pay for it. Last season of Sons of Anarchy starts soon. :l

After that I don’t know what we’ll get into.

27 8 / 2014

Troy just called me because my aunts are at the hospital visiting my mom and they were asking about Kara. Well my mom goes, ” Katie should be coming up here soon. Give her a call.”

Now I feel bad because I want to go see her, but at the same time I don’t want to get anyone sick.

Depending on how I feel this afternoon/evening, I might meet TJ up there to see her for a min.

But she might be released today or tomorrow, don’t really know for sure yet.

27 8 / 2014

Well I finally caught what TJ had.

My freaking hips, knees and ankles hurt. Along with my back, throat and head. Thought I was going to start shivering.

Going to try to feel better. Ugh.

26 8 / 2014

I’m such a passive aggressive person.

I’m just in a fucking mood and seeing a particular post on fb pissed me off. I might just have to unfriend this person. I don’t even know why she had friend’s requested me, but I didn’t want to be rude. Now I want her to know I don’t agree with her values. I don’t stand for that shit, keep it to yourself.