19 4 / 2014

When you get so caught up in one cleaning task….yeah.  That just happened.  And I’m not done with the whole kitchen yet.  Oh well I don’t think the rest will take as long or make me obsessive.  Then I’ll work on bathrooms and picking up all my clothes off the bedroom floor.  orz

19 4 / 2014

Holy fuck I haven’t slept that good lately without taking benadryl….and even then I think this was a better sleep.  Now to try to have a productive day.

18 4 / 2014

So I bought and cooked kale for supper.  Taste just like collards.  D:

God, I really needed a good home cooked meal.  :)  and I cooked it!  

18 4 / 2014



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18 4 / 2014

Okay, going to go take a 15min nap.  Then I’ll start cleaning up the house.

18 4 / 2014

Apparently I got to sleep around 3:30-4…then TJ gets up at 6….I get up from my camp on the couch around 7, because he’s making too much damn noise and walking Angie.  Go to lay in bed (with Angie because y the fuck not), but then she decides she desperately needs out (which I heed), let her out and that’s when TJ decides he’s going to pull down the driveway.  Call her back until he’s gone.  Oh yeah and I totally hit my dog in the face with the bedroom door because she wasn’t bright enough to move so I could. Damn it, it’s not like I did it on purpose, I just figured she’d move.  So anyways, she finally gets outside to hack, then poop, then she has to walk around the yard to find the perfect spot to wipe her ass in the grass.

So good morning, I’m awake now.  Calf is still cramped.  Idek what to do for it anymore.  :|  

I also pretty much hate life, last night wasn’t a good night for me.  I think sitting at home doing nothing bummed me the fuck out.  All I do now is cry and am contrary to every suggestion TJ has.  I think what set it off was that he bought more beer.  And I thought to myself, “oh I’ll teach you….I’m going to start smoking after I have this baby and nurse for awhile…see how you like it.” which immediately brought up guilt feelings.  Ugh!

Basically every time he buys beer, he’s sending me a message that he doesn’t care about saving money, which pisses me off because all I can think about is NOT spending money.  Even on things I need.  

No one cares, I don’t care.  Fuck it.

18 4 / 2014

The sound of my dog swallowing/smacking in her sleep has driven me to the living room couch.  Omfg jfc.  I’m so just uncomfortable with this fucking cramp in my calf and I’m not tired and I can’t seem to turn my brain off.  Fuuuuuccccckkkkkk.

17 4 / 2014

I always seem to get days off when the weather is crap.  It’s too cool outside to really do anything.

I’ve had this painful cramp in my left calf since yesterday.  Stretching and drinking water isn’t helping.

Mer.  I need to do things, but honestly can’t be bothered.  Wanted to do things yesterday when TJ got home, but that didn’t happen.  Tonight he won’t get home until 7:30.  :(  Bored.  Sad. 

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Paintings Made By Murderers

These are ACTUAL works of art by convicted killers. 



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16 4 / 2014


I want this on my head.