23 4 / 2014

Yay learning how to sew on the sewing machine.  Jamie kinda showed me some basic operating stuff.  Was going to ask my grandma over, but I think just trial and error is better (and YouTube)…just because she can get frustrated easily.  Which I don’t need when I’m learning something new.  I really need to clean out my car before work today, because I’m going to take it to get vacuumed tomorrow after work.  Hmmm, yes.  Then to start getting stuff from my mom’s house.

22 4 / 2014

cleaning since 7:30ish.  taking a break now.

  • finish bathrooms
  • dust
  • pick up bedroom
  • trash
  • dishes

and omfg I’m about to forget I have to eat something as well.  *I really want Eggo waffles -cries-*  I guess oatmeal with something in it and some kinda toast is what it’s going to be about.  I also need to boil the eggs and make egg salad (so TJ can have something to eat at work)……and I need to figure up something for supper later.  :|

22 4 / 2014

22 4 / 2014

so basically driving home last night, on the phone with TJ, I see this spider casually walking between my windshield and roof of the car.  INSIDE THE CAR.  INCHES AWAY FROM MY FACE.  Yea……I was on I-20 and I pulled over and had a mini-panic attack on the side of the highway while cars are whipping by at 60+mph.  :|  Try to locate the fucker to kill him or get him out of my car.  No luck, regain control over myself, get back in car, manage to merge back into traffic, get almost all the way home (now off the interstate) and he makes an appearance AGAIN.  Pull over to try to deal with it, no luck, get back in and make it home without managing to wreck my car or end up killing anyone.  

So, I hope it died in my car overnight or decided somewhere else was better and moved on.  D:

Now Angie is begging to sit in my lap.  Um, no room sweetie!  xD;

already did some dishes, now to try to make the rest of my house presentable.  I really need to pick clothes off the bedroom floor.  UGH.

22 4 / 2014

Oh hey, it’s 4am and I’m awake for no apparent reason!  Idk why, but I must clinch my hands in my sleep, because they’re tight across the knuckles.  No, I do not crack my knuckles, either.

Well, going to try to go back to sleep in a min.  I’ll tell you all about my ride home from work later.   

21 4 / 2014

TJ commenting on how “stocky” my calves look in these cargo capri pants…..yes.  He likes it.  :P. Which is to say my calves are muscular and awesome.

That’s it really.  Oh and why am I crossed off the schedule for Wednesday?  Nancy won’t have anyone to close with.  :/

Ok bye.

21 4 / 2014

help I’m on the actual computer.  :|

21 4 / 2014



please watch this this video made me into who i am today

It is 1:30 and I am hollering laughing.

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literally just a clip of ravers dancing at a music festival, but with the rave music taken out and Benny Hill music put in x

I am never dancing in public ever again

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21 4 / 2014


These guys are only $5 at my Storenvy! They also come in red. See them here!

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